Search Engines have a specific way of looking at blogs. They seek original content that is informative and innovative, to say the least.


Some common problems with Blogs could be summarized as mentioned in the image below.

Common Blog Errors/Issues Authors/Bloggers Make/Face

However difficult the problems may be, there are simple methods to solve them!

Here is how you could resolve the common issues, one by one, as mentioned in the image below.

Follow these steps to write Search Engine effective Blogs.

The list of websites that are highly useful for writing Blogs include:

  • For downloading images that are professional and free to use.
  • For adding article titles over images and uploading to your blog posts.
  • For reading more tips on using LinkedIn and Social Media effectively.
  • For generating plenty of tags, which could be added to videos and blog posts.
  • For checking plagiarism and performing grammar checks on blog articles.
  • For checking readability after writing a blog post, before you publish them.
  • Yoast SEO tool: For checking overall SEO score while writing WordPress blogs.

Also check out for useful articles about LinkedIn and its various uses!


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