Pinterest is a social media platform growing at an incredible speed with over 73 million users worldwide. It was launched in 2010 with an idea for people to “pin” their interests and ideas ( you can see where its name comes from). Its a unique app that operates mainly with images, its’s rather like a search engine for images. you might think that it’s not really useful for social media marketing , its an app for women — popular topics include gardening , home d├ęcor, cooking recipes , jewellery etc., things that women generally like as they make up majority of the user population– but a picture is worth a thousand words , users are still potential customers irrespective of their gender plus, Pinterest is actually more viral and three times more popular than twitter according to recent statistics. This post is about why Pinterest can be a very handy tool to help propel your business to greater heights.

Used along with other social media apps.

If you are already using other social media platforms for your business its not a problem. Pinterest can easily sync with other apps and help divert the audience to your website. The more you engage with the audience the more traffic is diverted to your turf. this leads to increased ROI.

Rich Pins save the day

Rich pins are pins that are provided with a bit more information than the normal pins. They have links provided for customers to easily buy a product they are interested in. The links provided are links to your main website. Thus, by tapping the picture or by clicking the link provided in the description, customers are easily diverted to your page. Rich pins are available for different interests such as Product pins, Recipe Pins, App pins and Article pins

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Brings audience with similar interests

Once a pin is saved to the board of choice , more pins of similar interests appear on the wall. It helps you understand what is trending right now ,for example save a pin on a cute summer outfit, you will see similar summer outfit and clothing pins on the wall. This gives you a peek into the customer’s brain and helps position you product and possible offers. There are even options to chat or share pins with your contacts . This helps you connect with your customers better , to take in orders etc.

User engagement is HIGH!

when one pin is saved on someone’s board it appears on their followers wall . You save one pin and it causes 10 other interactions. Thus the probability of you product reaching a greater audience is very high , which is very good for business. Frankly any business can benefit from pinterest. all you have to do is share relevant pictures, may it be a menu card for a restaurant or a home made jewellery business ,post captivating pictures and engage the audience with creative descriptions to get the ball rolling.

Traffic and Inbound links

As mentioned above rich pins and other options help drive traffic towards your website. Since every pin has a link its very easy to track where the pin originates from . This is one of the major benefits of Pinterest , which is often forgotten by many. Since its all image search it makes the process much easier.

Give your brand an aesthetic boost

Personalise your account page by setting your logo as your profile picture and business name this gives maximum exposure to your brand . Write about your product in the description and explain about the product . If you have more than one product you can create different boards for each product and make it look as inviting and colourful as possible. This will help the target audience to navigate easily.

clothing brands marketing on Pinterest

start by creating your very own business account. decide what you want to market. create boards to showcase your product. set up your profile and bio