Nandini Alagar


Channel your full potential & attain financial freedom through DIGITAL.

Hi, I’m Nandini! Your Digital Coach and Mentor on your journey to digitally automate your physical business and to help you start your very own Digital business ūüôā

My Simple Ideologies…

“Miles to go before I sleep!”¬† I am a highly energetic and down to earth individual with a child-like curiosity! I enjoy the little things in life that I get to experience in everyday life and literally, ‘Never Say Die!’

I belong to the state of Tamil Nadu in India and speak English, Hindi and Tamil quite well. I was born in the southern state and raised in Mumbai and Delhi.

An English Literature Post-graduate with also a MBA in HR & Marketing, I am a well-trained writer and editor in various subjects including IT, Spirituality, Fashion and Lifestyle as well as Marketing. 

I love writing in every sense of the word as that has helped me survive the ups and downs of life with ease. I am a specialist in most forms of writing and possess the ‘third eye’ when it comes to playing with words effectively.¬†

I am also an NLP practitioner and a Mindfulness coach. I have helped 100s of people change their lives by making the right efforts including students, working professionals and top executives.

Needless to say, my courage and energy comes from the divine source, my only support and strongest, 24/7. I believe in inner strength and truly represent what it means! Speak to me if you would like to know more.


My Approach

I get to know most or all of my clients quite deeply at a personal level and make sure everything I am suggesting them to follow or do suits their natural persona.

I am an instant energy reader, a ‘Reiki Level 2’ Master, blessed with the ability to heal others through consistent conversations.

I am a Musician, deeply rooted in Indian traditions, a Mother and a Cook when I am not working. My writings genuinely bring changes in people’s lives and help businesses grow. If you have any queries, kindly get in touch directly. Look forward to hearing from you!

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..and much more..

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